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Lawn Maintenance

Each week we will cut all the turf areas and dispose of debris. We will also weed-whack all perimeters of the beds, and blow off all walkways, patios, curbs and driveway.

Landscape Design & Installation

From start to finish DC Landscape Design will be hands on providing you with exceptional service in every aspect of the Design & Installation.


We will first set up an appointment with you to walk over the property and give you a professional’s advice, recommendations and suggestions. Speaking with the home owner we will incorporate any plants and or ideas possible for the design.


Due to the complexity of a design it will either be done on CAD software or hand drawn to scale of the property. Each custom design will offer a variety of year round color, flowers in spring, summer, fall, use of rocks, large planting beds and so much more.


We will be providing you with an estimate. The estimate will include a break down of all materials which include specific plants, sizes, quantities, topsoil, stone and mulch. We will be giving you a detailed explanation of all the work to be performed. We will be giving you a total for the labor and then a total cost for the job so it is very easy for you to understand the breakdown of an estimate.

Spring & Fall Clean-Ups

The Spring clean up consists of edging all existing beds on the premises. This will also include removal of leaves and debris in the lawn and beds. In addition we thatch all lawns, except in very shady areas. Thatching pulls out much of the imbedded organic matter such as grass, stems, clippings, twigs, and leaves, etc. It is very important to remove this thatch layer. In doing so, fertilizers and other chemicals will be able to dilute with the rainfall and get down to the roots to be absorbed by the plant. If this thatch layer is not removed, it could have the capabilities of clinging onto chemicals. The chemicals do not get into the root system and will spread throughout the plant.


Fall Clean ups usually start the second week in October through December 1st. A maintenance crew will blow out all beds and the entire property. We come every 7-10 days to stay on top of the work, unless stated otherwise. If your town does not take the leaves, we will remove and dispose of them for you.

Fertilizer 8 Application Program
Core Aeration

This is usually done in September after the soil becomes hard and compacted during the season. Core aeration removes a soil circle and adds oxygen to the rie rout zone. It helps prevent compaction, and encourages root and stem grown.


*Recommended if you sign up for the Fertilizer Program.

Prune Shrubs

This is usually done in July, at which time we trim all shrubs on the premises and small ornamental trees up to 10’. This will maintain a well balanced branching system. We also remove and dispose of all debris.

Monthly Weed Treatment

We will go through all your planting beds and spray all weeds to prevent weeds from reoccurring. This will be done 1 time per month in the months of June, July & August.

Perennial & Grass Care

We will properly cut back all perennials and grasses in November. This is done just 1 time per year at the end of the fall season. The plants will be cut at the base approximately 4’’ from the ground. We will dispose of all debris.

Power Washing

If you have a fence, walkway, patio, house or something else that needs to be power washed simply write down below what you would like done and we will take care of it for you between the months of June-August, unless stated otherwise.

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